Kayaking the Cedar Key from Rains Cottage
Rains Cottage in Cedar Key Let us be your home away from home
Do some bayside porch sittin'
Here's a bunch of photos of the Rains Cottage.  Take a look before you book! (just click on the first one to enlarge) 
Rains Cottage Pictures
Rains Cottage is located on the Bayside of the key, waterfront. The address is 509 6th Street.
Come on in. All you'll need are flip flops.
The Rains Cottage is comfortable and spacious.
We have cable tv and a comfortable sectional couch for relaxing.
Our kitchen is fully furnished and well equipped. You can catch crabs on the dock and prepare them in your own kitchen.
Enjoy dining together in Rains Cottage in quaint Cedar Key.
King Sized comfort in your private bedroom  at Rains Cottage.
Your bedroom has french doors with screens that open onto the water.
Bath with shower/tub.
The bathroom at the Rains Cottage.
The living room has french doors with scrrens that open onto the waterside balcony.
Enjoy your breakfast, lunch or dinner on the water at Rains Cottage.
It's high tide at Rains Cottage.
Still high tide at the cottage...but it's about to change. It always does.
Time for birdwatching at the Cottage here on the bay. When the tide goes out the birds arrive. Great egrets, Great blues, little blues, snowy egrets, pelicans, night herons, gulls, ospreys you'll see em all.
Blue Crabs R Us at Rains Cottage. Walk out your door, bait your trap and toss it over.
Told you the tide was about to turn. What you see is low tide at Rains Cottage.
Still low tide at the cottage. That's oyster beds you see.
Now the tide has returned. Launch the kayaks and get to exploring the miles and miles of mangrove islands and waterways around the cottage.
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